Candace Clemens' Bareback Dressage (Methodology and Kit)
  Allow Your Horse to Become Your Most Valuable Instructor

Candace riding in a clinic with no saddle, due to recent foot surgery and a leg injury. This experience, along with training many students and horses, inspired her to create the Bareback Dressage Kit.

Grand Prix jumper rider and trainer, Dustin Durham, found the BarebackDressage pad provided an instant fix for this talented but erratic mare, helping him get her in front of his leg but with a relaxed back and a happy attitude, both on the flat and over fences.

"The BarebackDressage kit provides several great tools which, along with Candace's methodology, dramatically accelerates learning time, while reducing stress on horses, riders and instructors.  Meanwhile, advanced hunter and jumper professionals can better understand the importance of dressage basics to improve their jumpers' performance." 

Dustin Durham, Grand Prix Jumper Professional

Candace Clemens is an FEI level dressage trainer, occasional low-level event rider, 1976 graduate of and former instructor at the world-renowned Morven Park International Equestrian Institute. She is a USDF Bronze Medalist, and has earned the required scores for her Silver Medal. During her more than 30 years of riding, teaching, starting and training horses of all levels, Candace has developed her BarebackDressage™ methodology which, along with the BarebackDressage Kit, dramatically accelerates learning to ride on the bit, and is also a fabulous supplement to all traditional riding and training styles and methods including: Western, Hunter and Jumper, in addition to being useful in evaluating your upper level dressage horses.

Instructors especially will find the BarebackDressage Kit an invaluable teaching aid while working with students on and off the longe line. Working with her local tack shop, Candace is now excited to announce her BarebackDressage Kit, exclusively available through The Complete Equestrian Saddlery in Bedford, MA. (The  kit is the perfect complement to the Amerigo Saddle, also available at The Complete Equestrian.) Call 781-275-0233 and ask for Nancy Kean. Click HERE if you are interested in purchasing The BarebackDressage Kit. And click HERE to contact Candace about her methodology.

Multiple hooks on the side reins allow for easy and fast adjustment (great for use with saddles, too); the improved girth on the Bareback Pad adds comfort and stability; extra padding protects the horse's backbone and the rider's bottom; a tacky material under the thighs provides extra security for the rider. Everything in the kit is easily washed or hosed down.  A breast collar is recommended. 


 Anta is in her mid-60's and has had two hip replacements.  For her first horse, she selected a recently gelded and unbroken 15 year old Morgan. After watching her get bucked off and fearing Anita might get hurt, Candace intervened, and helped get the Morgan started under saddle. After the horse was under saddle for 8 months, Candace introduced Anita to the Bareback Dressage Kit.  In just 3 lessons, the senior-but-novice Anita mastered shoulder-in, and was able to canter on the bit. All thanks to the Bareback Dressage Kit (as well as having selected an unlikely but surprisingly good mount.)  

I was terrified at first. But it's so relaxing, and so easy!  If Majesty feels any tension in me, he gets tense, too.  Once I was on Candace's BarebackDressage pad, I immediately felt any tension in his back, and I quickly learned how to fix things immediately.  Usually his tension came from me gripping, nagging with my legs, or using too much hand.  Once I became relaxed and balanced, and my hand became independent from my back, lateral movements just came from a slight shift in my hips.  When things are right, I feel the inside rein go completely loose.  After just three sessions on with the Bareback Dressage Kit, when I returned to the saddle, my seat was so much deeper and secure, and my hands independent.  I feel and fix the small problems, and the big ones just magically disappeared."
  - Anita, then a novice owner of a recently started horse

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