Candace Clemens' Bareback Dressage (Methodology and Kit)
A Supplement For Riding Instructors
Instruction Supplement
Riding bareback is the best way for any rider to develop balance without stiffness.  Riding bareback prevents the rider from being overly rough with his hands.  If you make your horses unhappy or uncomfortable, they will let you know. There is no more debate about Rollkur or subtle difference of opinions.  The horses have some say in the matter and will tell you if you are on the right track, or if  you are making some serious mistakes.

But, there are some problems and limitations by riding bareback.  Some of these include: skin irritation from the horse’s fur; discomfort from boney backs; tendency to slip off  if a rider loses his balance; inability to sit on a horse’s stiff back because the horse needs to be made round and relaxed.  Novice riders don’t yet know how to make their horse’s round, or how to soften the back and jaw muscles.

THE SOLUTION: The BarebackDressage Kit! Longe a student without a saddle, but using the best bareback pad, which provides some “stick” for the rider’s thighs, some protection for the horse's  spine, and has a proper girth which allows for well adjusted side reins. The BarebackDressage Kit offers the best pad, the best side reins, a stabilizing breastplate, and two longe lines.

A steady pace with a back that is comfortable and easy to sit on indicates that the rider has found his balance, and the horse has found a comfortable working gait, whether walk, trot or canter.

Finally, properly adjusted side reins can assist the novice rider by acting much like "training wheels" for the very important outside rein until the rider understands how to properly steer the horse.  Novice riders tend to steer by pulling the inside rein only, using too much hand, and not blending the aids. Pulling a rein to steer puts the horse off balance, and usually causes him to run through his outside shoulder.

Based on decades of experience training both horses and riders, Candace's methodology tells you how to evaluate a horse to determine if he is safe to be ridden in side reins, and how she gets the best results from the BarebackDressage Kit.

Instruction Supplement

Candace in the latest in winter equestrian attire. Winter warmth is another advantage of Bareback Dressage.

Candace's daughter, first time back in the non-saddle after a few years away from horses. "Why are so many people nervous about cantering? It's so relaxing!"

Wish I had discovered the ultimate bareback pad for this clinic, in which I rode bareback due to my recent foot surgery.  My legs tend to creep forward without the pad.
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